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“I tried a yoga class 10 years ago but didn’t persist because there was too much balancing involved and I have issues with balance. So I gave up. 3 years ago a friend asked if I would like to go to class with her … I went reluctantly thinking it wasn’t my thing but I’d go with my friend. All I can say is that Glenda’s class was magic and I have never looked back. I love the beginners vinyasa yoga class and because of the teacher. Glenda is a born teacher and a bit of a magician too.”            Jenny – Business Owner.

“In January 2012, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a muscle condition that left me with pain and fatigue. The illness prevented me from having my usual balanced lifestyle of university work, exercise and social activities and forced me to quit everything I loved and take heavy fibromyalgia medication. I found the Time4Yoga studio and thought I would give it a go. I walked into my first Beginner’s class with my usual exhaustion and walked out feeling peaceful and optimistic. I am no longer on medication and practice yoga regularly. Even when I cannot get to class, I do some home practise with the postures I remember and know that help me. I not only recommend Time4Yoga for those interested in starting a journey of inner mindfulness and flexibility, but I am so happy to spend time with Glenda who is so encouraging and understanding.”                   Katie, Bond University Student.


“Time 4 Yoga offers more than just a yoga class. Glenda offers a mental and emotional sanctuary, just perfect for healing. Since going to these classes, I am now able to arch my back. This is something that I had not been able to do since a car accident in 1998 left me with a prolapsed disc injury. I am also not as cold as I used to be. I assume this is because the stretching in yoga has increased my blood circulation. I appreciate the low fees so I can practise in class more than once a week. I enjoy the optional homework that is offered and the health benefits that are explained for each move. I am very grateful to have found yoga with Time 4 Yoga and recommend it to everyone I talk to.”                                                                                      Anna, High School Teacher

“Time4Yoga is improving my flexibility. I had tried yoga before but I didn’t like it. Before starting at Time4Yoga, I couldn’t raise my right arm. I now have full range of mobility in both arms. My legs and back are also feeling more flexible and I am feeling young again. The Beginner’s Class moves at a good pace and the range of postures moves every muscle in my body. I now love yoga!”

Nana, Retired High School Teacher

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