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We specialise in beginners and students recovering from illness or injury.
Everyone is welcome to stretch, move and breathe with us.

We are a community minded and support our students in their businesses, running Tie Dying & Stand Up Paddle workshops for fun and friendship.


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a foundational level class that incorporates the main yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation methods into a beautiful flowing format. It is a great way to learn and refine the fundamental elements of a healthy, safe vinyasa yoga practice. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Advanced students also enjoy this class for the relaxed stretching and breathing techniques taught.

A Beginners Vinyasa Class is now available on CD or as an MP3 download.

Relax & Restore

On Wednesday evening 6:00pm, Relax Refresh and Renew. During this Class, bolsters, blankets and pillows are used for comfort and ease. The body unfolds gradually and gracefully as it resets the nervous system. This is a wonderful class for students who are stressed, busy or feel like they are running on empty. No previous experience is necessary.

2 Hour Workshops are held monthly.

Go Within

This is a new class starting in 2018. Using gentle body postures, the Fascia, connective tissue in the body, is able to release. The fascia is our hydrating system. By gently going within, we become more Yin, rather than Yang.



3/68-70 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads
P.O. Box 228 Miami, QLD 4220

tel: Glenda 0402 231 228

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