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Time 4 Yoga specialises in working with beginners and students recovering from injury.

We currently have 3 types of classes: “Vinyasa Yoga”, “Relax & Restore” and “Go Within” classes.

Our Vinyasa classes move with breath in a gentle smooth flowing style of yoga.

Relax & Restore classes reset the nervous system.

Go Within allows a deep connection to self.

Our teachers use postures, breathing and meditation to liberate the body and mind of stress and tension. This combination allows for greater love, joy and freedom to emerge in everyday life.

Everyone is welcome to stretch and move with us.

Please bring a yoga mat, large towel and water for each class.

Glenda Wagner - Founder Time4Yoga Burleigh Heads

Glenda has always been interested in physical fitness and health and has played many sports including hockey, tennis, swimming and triathlons.

Glenda began yoga just a few years ago when she was worn out and suffering from anxiety. Once she started to feel the amazing benefits to her body, mind and soul, Glenda has continued to practice ever since.

Many local Gold Coast teachers have inspired Glenda but she fell in love with the flowing vinyasa style taught by Vanessa Rudge and Michael Daly from Being Yoga Australia when she experienced their classes at The Woodford Folk Festival. The Being Yoga style of using postures, breathing and meditation liberates the body and mind of stress and tension. This combination allows for greater love, joy and freedom to emerge in everyday life.

Glenda’s background includes raising three beautiful daughters and many years as a high school mathematics teacher. As a life long learner Glenda is dedicated to continually learning and is passionate about bringing yoga to all people. Glenda believes in the power of yoga and she aims to help others incorporate connection, community and continuity into their lives through regularly practising the 8 Principles of Yoga.

Glenda believes Yoga has the power to change the world, the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way little else can.

Glenda is passionate about teaching the beginner classes, restorative classes, and meditation. Everyone needs yoga with today’s high levels of stress. A huge goal that Glenda has is to bring yoga into every school on the Gold Coast as our youth are experiencing high levels of stress due to technology and the busyness of school life.

Glenda loves to take yoga into the community and is having lots of fun with yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board. After completing two 10 day silent vipassana meditation retreats, Glenda is bringing more stillness and calmness into her own life through daily meditation.

Glenda has been learning Auslan and has now made the studio friendly for deaf and hard of hearing students. Having completed her First Aid for Mental Health, Glenda caters for students who experience anxiety, depression or other mental health concerns.

The Signature Beginners Sequence is now available on CD or as an MP3 download. Shop here.

Contact Glenda on 0402 231 228

 Glenda CD
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Shoshana Fitzgerald
Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 4.04.49 PM

Shoshana lights up the studio with her enthusiasm and passion for yoga. She is a colourful creative mother who inspires students to find their passion and enthusiasm for life.

Shoshana brings colour and rainbows into each day through her Tie Dying Workshops, Relax & Renew Workshops and fabulous Candle Making Workshops.

Follow her on Facebook @AspiralDesigns





3/68-70 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads
P.O. Box 228 Miami, QLD 4220

tel: Glenda 0402 231 228

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